Lampard: Mike Mussina is a good coach said 1000000 times, want to participate in the Brazil World Cup

Chelsea midfielder Lampard recently accepted an interview with the blues team official, vice captain is looking forward to meet with Mourinho again, and he said he hopes to attend next year's World Cup in Brazil.

Lampard said: "he is a great coach, authentic soccer jerseys I have said one million times, let the human be tired, but I still think we can play in his side's lucky. He gave the team into the spirit, you can see that this is a very tough spirit. He is the manager's top, we all know."

In talking to and again Mourinho, Lampard is still looking forward to have a busy month for: "I love the pre-season training, I love, so their health to spend a month. Can go to great around the world, cheap soccer jerseys especially in a month after the break to let their concern. Pre-season work hard does not mean that will be able to find the best in the Premier League began, but this is the basis for the season. This is an important moment for any footballer, you should try to look back. The coach let me benefit a lot, so I don't need to try to get what I need. I need to do my thing, if I do not, custom soccer jerseys then I at the beginning of the season performance will be very bad. For small or technical players will restore a bit simple, but if you are a big guy, to finish the last 10% will be difficult."

When it comes to Asia and the United States of America trip this summer, Lampard said: "I very much look forward to look forward to, has two weeks to us all over the world and get the fans support was very good, team soccer jerseys two years ago we went there, we are looking forward to. Every year we can get support, but the support is still a strong, we need not only to be successful on the field, but also should make efforts to improve its image in the world under the field, replica soccer jerseys we are very grateful to those seen in the hotel, training, competition and journey fans, want to give them something in return."

Lampard also mentioned another goal for yourself -usa soccer jerseys- next year to participate in the Brazil World Cup: "it is important for a year, I wish I could have been playing for the England team to the world cup, I need to get the stable time in Chelsea, we have a big squad. I signed a year, now to participate in preseason, I want to show what I can do. We will have a look what happened in England, if I perform well, I think I will have the opportunity to."