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Corporate Culture

  • Corporate Culture

    The company has been persistently devoted to its corporate culture building, so with the development and improvement over the years, we have formed the core contents of our corporate culture, namely, the “core values” as the common direction, “3P Spirits” as the work principle, “cultural quality model” as the corporate culture system for the behavioral norms. The company’s corporate culture will be closely connected with the employees to enhance our sense of mission and sense of responsibility, incorporate the intelligence and force into the entire targets of the enterprise to orient the individual behaviors towards the common direction of the enterprise development in maintaining the individual vitality and enthusiasm, thus forming a greater driving force to promote the corporate development. 

    Corporate Cultural System

    Core Values

    Value Innovation

    Innovation, which aimed at creating value for customers and the whole society, has always been our pursuing target. Innovation can be applied to a broad range of fields such as production, technology, marketing as well as management and organizational structure.

     Customer Focus

    Our company growth is based on customer orientation. Everything we do should be aimed at meeting the needs of our customers. Being able to satisfy their requirements is the value of our work and the force that keeps us growing.

    Sustainable Growth

    Growth has become a natural part of our DNA. It must be continuous, farsighted, and combine the requirements of the present business operations with our future long term goals.

    Social Responsibility

    We should assume social responsibility during our business development. We have always been committed to environmental protection, energy conservation, creating job opportunities and making charitable donations. Starting from the little things, we assume responsibility in the community, city and country where we are located and repay the society.

    3P Spirit


    Professional means to be constantly improving and to be a real expert in one’s specific area of work.


    Precise means to develop an attitude of exactness and to strictly follow the rules of scientific and work procedure.


    Perfect means to make everything the best and zero-fault.

    Character of Corporate Culture

    Diligent & Ambitious

    To maintain a strong learning attitude and never be complacent. Be proactive and creative, continue to learn new techniques, new pointsof views and new methods. These attitudes will help to build a learning-oriented organization.

    Positive & Sunny

    To solve problems and overcome differences through honest and open communication instead of engaging in email disputes, gossip or office intrigues.

    Face the music

    We should have the courage to confront challenges and difficulties, not pass the buck or take the easy way out.

    Never give up

    Be indomitable, determined, persistent and confident.


    We should be open to other people’s ideas and maintain positive thinking, and contribute to establishing an atmosphere of mutual trust. There should not be suspicion or complaints. It’s important to solve problems by seeking common ground while accepting each other’s differences.


    "If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain." We should discard selfish departmentalism, cooperate closely and actively, and focus on the interest of the whole team instead of individual interests.

    Employee Activities

    Employee activity is one of the important approaches for the company to build its corporate culture, aiming at demonstrating the “Human-oriented” value and philosophy, creating the positive and uplifting working atmosphere so that each employee can have the work pleasure.