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Rosenberger Mission Statement

  • Worldwide Business Principles

    Rosenberger´s globally implemented common corporate philosophy is focused on meeting future business challenges and satisfying customers´ most exacting and ever more demanding requirements.
    Rosenberger’s corporate philosophy is further defined in its Mission Statement and corporate mission statement and is well-known to all Rosenberger employees worldwide, and serves as the basis for action by employees in the Rosenberger group.

    Rosenberger Global Mission Statement

    Rosenberger Asia Pacific Mission Statement

    ● Design, manufacture and deploy total solutions for telecommunication networks worldwide
    ● Create value for our customers through innovative products, customized services and 
        cost effective solutions
    ● Maintain the highest quality standards, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and 
       employ reliable supply chain management to achieve and exceed customer  expectations
    Be socially responsible to our community and environment 
    ● Be committed to employee's personnel development