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Talent Concept

  •  "People Oriented” is the corporate management philosophy strongly advocated by Rosenberger. Since its establishment, the company has always sought after the steady and fast growth, so in the process of the continuous development, our company has set great store by talents for efficient use and highly respected the human resources training, development and stimulation. It is our basic principle to respect our employees and give them the equal opportunities on the basis of fairness and impartiality at any time and under any circumstances. 

    The company strongly believes that talents are the basic essentials for the corporate development and the most valuable treasure to the company. The company will try to appoint the qualified person for the proper job, properly promote and give full play toany talented person, respect each employee and encourage them to continuously transcend themselves for faster growth together with the company. At the same time, the company will try its utmost to offer a broader stage for them todistinguish themselveswith talents and gifts to gain their career achievements.

    The key lies in that the company will try to attract excellent employees to join the company. We will retain the talents and provide them with the efficient incentive mechanism. We are deeply aware that achievability, acceptance and the sense of belonging are the work enthusiasm and the driving force to stimulate employees for better work performances. It is our responsibility to ensure that these motivating factors will be continuously improved and upgraded.

    With the profound accumulation and depositionover the years, the company has formed its corporate cultural system highly integrated with its core values, 3P spirits and corporate cultural qualities. It is highly hoped that you can smoothly perceive, understand, integrate and carry forward the corporate culture and effectively apply them into your specific work so that it can help you obtain greater work achievements and realize your own values.

    Let us work together hand in hand, be united for better cooperation, be faithful to our promises and jointly seek greater prosperity and a brighter future!