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Talent Development

  • Talent Training

    Sustainable Growth is the core value of Rosenberger. The sustainable growth of employee is key work for enterprise expanding. We have consistently followed result-oriented management philosophy and focused on internal training demand from different levels. Attach importance to training effect’s transformation is our concern, Try our best to design and implement the talent cultivation plans.

    The new staff training

    The staff from all around the country is new power and fresh blood for enterprise development. Corporate culture can help them acclimatize better when they face the new job and environment. So we provide the staff induction training --- The Sunshine DNA Classic Course to the new staff.

    Vocational skills training

    New recruits and transferees can get into a job after attending a series of training.

    Employees at all levels need to know their workflow, regulations and operation rules. So determine whether employee is qualified for their job has become extremely important for training supervisor.

    Professional quality training

    Our key employees are all backbone of our corporation. We need employees with strong sense of professional quality, rigorous and perfect entrepreneurial spirit to face personal, corporation, market and social development. So our professional quality training target includes: help the key employee to get confidence, professional thinking and philosophy, help them to get communication, speaking and exhibiting skills in our organization, cultivate their helpful spirit and behavior skills. Finally improve their work efficiency.

    Managers’ cultivation

    We need the efficient, excellent, passionate team leader lead us to accomplish strategic goal.

    The manager need the unique managerial language to hand down corporation culture and value. Golden key stands for management skills, culture and wisdom. We hope that our managers can open a door to excellent managers with the golden key.

    The cultivation of research & development trainee

    Training target includes: discover potential talents, training the potential talents, set up the talent group,sustain superior competitive power.

    The cultivation of team and group leader

    Teams and groups are the elementary cells of the enterprises. They are the most basic and active managerial subjects. Our corporate management cannot succeed without their contribution. Therefore, the importance of teams and groups in our corporation is beyond doubt.

    However enterprise team building is a long term work, it can’t be created at once. Only persistence and brave exploring can make work more fulfilling.