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2018-03-16:   Brings the Future to the Present — Rosenberger @ Electronica China 2018

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  • Electronica China 2018, Asia’s leading trade fair for the electronics industry, officially took placed at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on 14th to 16th of March 2018. Rosenberg’s Automotive Electronics, along with Test and Measurement products have become the main highlights on this trade show. This year also marked the debut of our brand promotion via the new online platform. Through a series of activities such as preshow promotion, direct live broadcasts and post event review to achieve interconnectivity between the trade show and the online platform.

    Recapping at what occurred at the exhibition, the active interaction between Rosenberger’s on-line and off-line resources created plenty of highlights. As for the On-line portion, we released the e-show platform by providing E-invitation and Q&A games before the exhibition to create awareness and excitement about the show. During the show, there are live reports with images, videos and text description of the event highlights. There is also on-line interactive Q&A. After the show, when people review this exhibition through our review report, they can see the popularity of our brand and it brings back a lot of good memories. Most notably, we have abandoned the traditional method of printing brochures and flyers using papers. We have created our products information with QR code so that our customers can scan the QR code to download, save and send the product specifications and brochures. This is an important embodiment of Rosenberg's social responsibility for environmental protection.

    As for the Off-line portion, Rosenberger’s booth attracted many professional audiences and customers during the three days of the Electronica China 2018 show. Rosenberger proudly presented our latest product portfolios and solutions including FAKRA, HFM ®, HSD ®, MTD ®,H-MTD ®, HVR® from Automotive Electronic business and Calibration & Measurement unit, PCB Connectors, High Precision Products, Cable Assembles, CoMeT systems, Testing for Sime-conductor & High-Speed Data from Test and Measurement business unit.

    Automotive Electronic Products

    T&M Products

    With futuristic smart vehicle as the booth design element,Rosenberg's concept for smart vehicle is also deeply established in our design for connectivity and technological innovation. It reflects our technical strength and ability to lead the future automotive connectivity technologies. " Smart Auto Man” robot has also become our "special staff " to win the "the most photogenic” award.

    On 14th of March, Mr. Deng Bisheng, Director of HVR Business of Rosenberger, gave his speech at the China International Automotive Electronics Conference with the title on “High Security Solution for EV/HEV by Rosenberger.” He introduced the Rosenberger HVR technology and discussed the trend of high voltage connection technologies with the audiences. On 15th of March, Mr. Zhang Qifan, Field Application Manager, gave his speech at the International Connector Innovation Forum with the title on “Innovation of RF high speed transmission by Rosenberger.” As a top ranking representative company of the industry, Rosenberger always focus on the innovation of new technologies and we shared our expertise with the audiences and other industry leaders during the event.

    As one of the brand responsible to strive to achieve a "harmonious society”. Rosenberger will always fulfill our duties for the innovation of new technologies and products.